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Our thirty-year experience to meet your every need

TMC Tecnologia e Progettazione
Technology and design
We design and we realize, analyzing the map of a new building, or doing directly an inspection on the construction site, detailed layout, showing the position of the conveyor system, the distribution of the machines and the divisions of the plant (power, light and air compressed system) of the work stations. In the base of the kind of shoes that the customer will want to produce (classic gents, ladies, children – special construction as ideal, strobe, goodyear ecc) we organize meeting with the owner and with all staff of our customers to elaborate a precise and detailed offer with the machines more suitable that meet the needs exposed. Especially for the Italian market, we quote in our offer machines highly technology and avant-garde, that can cover all the requirements to be included in the parameters of the industry 4.0.
TMC Ricambi e Accessori
Spare parts and Accessories
Our warehouse replies promptly to every inquiry of our customers, also on particolar products and not easily available. Our staff keeps our warehouse always full with utmost precision, this allows us to process the orders quickly and to keep always our external technicians always up-to-date and ready, carrying out daily the reparation to our customers. The research of the particular accessories, the replace of the part, of the most suitable material is the work that it is carried out every day by our warehouse, to facilitate our customers.
TMC Manutenzione e Assistenza
Maintenance and assistance
Our specialized technician reply quickly to the inquiry of our customers, giving assistance in fast and professional way. The car supplied to our employees are equipped with instruments and spare parts suitable to make immediately a first intervention on the machines, in order to optimize and speed up the reparation and the reset of the damaged device. We give also the possibility to our customer to make a periodical contract of programmed assistance and maintenance about the functioning of the machines, but above all, our excellence, on the safety organs installed on the machines.

From the Idea to realization

The professional design of a factory has a many advantages as cover all useful spaces in the right way, give a logical sense to the productive flow, minimize the movement spaces, plane the working phases and the warehouse in right position, calculate the necessary space to work in safety conditions, as per current laws, compare the project with the employees to the production even before to start the building, facilitate the companies that will have to design the plants as electrician, centralized suction system, air compressed system responsible person’s, optimize the installation time of the conveyor system and of the machines coordinating all working phase. For all these reasons it is suggested to contact expert and professional people with decades of experience.

To follow a customer from the idea to the realization of the plant in every part:

  • Preliminary meeting with the owner and technical staff
  • Analysis of the map of the land where the plant will be built
  • Analysis of the kind of the product that the customers will want to make, in the base of the market demand (gents, ladies, children, special constructions, bags, belts, soles, insoles…)
  • Analysis of the productive process regarding the products to realize (cutting and preparation sewing, lasting department – department to produce components)
  • Analysis of the budget available for the customer
  • Realization of layout in the base of customer request’s
  • Elaboration of the detailed offer of the machines and necessary components
  • Final discussion of the customers
  • Delivery and installation of the machines
  • Testing in the factory with our specialized technicians and first short training for the operator
  • Assistance after installation

To follow a customer in the restructuring and expand of an existing factory:

  • Preliminary meeting with the owner and technical staff
  • Detailed analysis on the customer request’s
  • Suggestions about the kind of the interventions to make
  • Evaluation of the expenses for the works to be carried out
  • Constant monitoring till the end of the restructuring or expansion of the factory


  • Thirty years experience in shoes, leather garments sector and the shoe component’s.
  • Qualified personnel ready to reply to all needs
  • Assistance from the design phase to the service after selling and spare parts
  • Competence and reliability over time
  • Technical staff constantly updated with new market technologies
  • Commercial staff prepared on current regulation
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